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Worst British Television Shows Top 100
Compiled using a simple vote for vote basis.

Click on title for official link or for full IMDB television info and reviews.
Short summaries by David Hambly (Co-Webmaster) and selected voters

( 1 )
Naked Jungle (2000)

Keith Chegwin hosts in the nude, along with several naked contestants
in this Channel 5 Vile and tacky gameshow.
"Even the voyuers tuning in are repulsed"

( 2 )
Triangle (1981-1983)

BBC's onetime Flag ship Soap, set on a cross Channel ferry!
"Plagued with technical problems from the start, not too mention the poor acting and humdrum dialogue"

( 3 )
Eurovision Song Contest (1956- The Present)

"Terry Wogan keeps on a brave face in an event where the knives are out for Europe's warbling amatures"
"Hours of unadulerated torture"

( 4 )
Minipops (1983)

"Controversial Channel 4 music show, feauturing Preteens often with lipgloss and blusher singing hits of the era"
"A five year old in sleepwear once sang a song with the lyrics "we make love", more cringe factor than Xfactor and axed soon after"

( 5 )
Eldorado (1992-1993)

Highly anticipated but overhyped BBC soap set in
sunny Spain about British ex-pats
"Dreadful acting and Lame characters"
"Should have been better considering part of the Eldorado team would eventually go on to give us Eastenders (Julia Smith and Tony Holland)"

( 6 )
Heil, Honey I'm Home (1990)

"90's Satelite Nazi sitcom, tasteless and not even funny "
"Offensive material that will thankfully never see the light of day again"

( 7 )
Crossroads (1964-1988)

"People in their 30's and 40's will remember this motel soap as the 20 mins of agony your Mother would put you through before the dreaded "bedtime"
"An awful British coma inducing soap opera, that seemed
to go on for an eternity"

( 8 )
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (2001)

"Love it or hate it, this show is Crude with crass cheap laughs and is badly crafted".
"Sitcom about couch potatoes, for couch potatoes"

( 9 )
Antiques Roadshow(1997)

"You queue up in the rain for two days, only to find your porcelain cat is worth a tenner, "oh but you must insure it for 15!"
"I guess we are all a bit spoilt now, we expect every item to be priceless and the owner faint on hearing the valuation"

( 10 )
Birds of a Feather (1989-1998)

"So called comedy about two inept Essex sisters and their promiscuous neighbour"
"Tedious Plots and one dimensional Dialogue"

( 11 )
Slinger's Day (1986)

ITV Comedy starring - time to call it a day-Bruce Forsyth, as a London supermarket manager
"You know a show is in trouble when the main character cannot act, and is as funny as having a case of rampant headlice, it was promptly axed"

( 12 )
The Brittas Empire (1991-1997)

Despite being a BBC Hit with the public, enough of you out there think otherwise.
"Chriss Barrie is Ace (excuse the pun) in Red Dwarf but the Mr Brittas Character is an over the top pompus nerd." "Yes he is supposed to be you just want to smash the screen when he speaks"

( 13 )
OTT (1982)

"Chris Tarrant, Lenny Henry, Michael Palin and Co in OTP, and Over
The Top it certainly was",
"Tiswas for adults, bum flashing, rasberry blowing stupidity"

( 14 )
That's Life! (1973-1994)

"Despite Esther Rantzen devoting most of her life to others, and we love her, this show was still a bit lame to say the least"
"Cracker jokes, cringe worthy anecdotes and Eastern European road signs that read f**k you"

( 15 )
Big Brother(2000-Present)

"Take several Pre-madonnas, misfits, fame hungry attention seekers, and some insecure people, and let them live together for a while"
"If you can Sit in your armchair watching someone else sitting in thier armchair and feel entertained then you seriously need a life"

( 16 )
Bullseye (2006)

"Comeback on Challenge TV of an 80's classic , but is not the same without the dead pan genius of Jim Bowen"
"Watch totaly ungripped for half an hour to see somebody win a trouser press"

( 17 )
Goodnight Sweetheart (1993-1999)

"Nicholas Lyndhurst plays Garry Sparrow as a time travelling plonka"
"The gags are a bit cheesy and the characters are likewise"

( 18 )
Keeping Up Appearances (1990-1995)

"BBC Comedy has produced some gems over the years, but this show has brought out the worst in some of you, with its repetitive humour and political correctness"
"Central character Hyacinth Bucket can be irritating to the point of insanity"

( 19 )
The Office (2001-2003)

"Ricky Gervais is David Brent, in this classic love it, or hate it BBC comedy"
"Sorry is it just me or does that bloke leave you cold? If you were a teacher and had this moron in your class, would you find him funny or just want throttle him until he showed no signs of life?"

( 20 )
Last of the Summer Wine"(1973-2008)

"This BBC Comedy Drama had its moments but this show has outstayed its welcome"
"For heavens sake, how many times can you find three grown men on board a runaway trailer, hurtling down a hill funny"

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