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Worst British Movies Top 100
Compiled using a simple vote for vote basis.

Click on Movie title for full IMDB movie info and reviews.
Short summaries by David Hambly (Co-Webmaster) and selected voters comments

( 1 )
The Football Factory (2004)

"A Shameful glorification of all that's wrong with Today's Britain" "Warning! Potential British tourists, Please don't watch"

( 2 )
Rancid Aluminium (2000)

" Baffling Plot with a Poor Script, Leaves the Watcher trying to Understand it's Genre "
"Positive Casting Which Includes Rhys Ifans,
but Poorly acted With Unconvincing Foreign Accents"
"Films with daft names have always got to be good, this isn't"

( 3 )
Sex Lives of the Potato Men (2004)

"This Lottery Funded, Seedy Adolescent Targeted sex Fest, has everything from Chip Shop Copulation, to Romantic Feelings For Pets "

( 4 )
Flood (2007)

"This movie has a Reasonable cast, but the good plot is totaly wasted, with scores of scenes that just dont gel."
The Docu-Drama/Media Shot style Sends a clear Message to the Film Maker to "define your Genre"

( 5 )
Shoreditch (2003)

"Flat and Dull Characters, Weakly Written and Flows like a Month old Bottle of full fat milk"
"A bit of an Embarrassment all Round", "Should have had the Eastenders cast do a queen Vic version of Bugsy Malone and been done With It"

( 6 )
Revolver (2005)

"Guy Ritchie's Boring and unessasarily complex gangster flick. "
"Tries to be a bit too Different for its own Good"

( 7 )
The Avengers (1998)

"You can't go Wrong with a Big Budget, Sean Connery, Ralph Fienes and Uma Thurman, but did they just"
"Another British Small to Big Screen Effort Bites the dust"

( 8 )
Carry on Columbus (1992)

"British Comic has-beens and wannabe's Embarrassingly Tarnish a Classic Franchise". "Awful script and Shoddy production"
"They don't make em like they used to, Worse Still When They try to"

( 9 )
Kidulthood (2006)

"This Movie Contains Some Good Performances
and Maybe Even Some Potential Future Stars"
"But It's just another Excuse To Cash in On Eye Candy for Trash and Maladjusted Youths"

( 10 )
Thunderbirds (2004)

"This Movie is An End Result of British Movie Industry Forty something's,
getting together and Reminiscing about 70's TV Puppet Shows"
"Todays Kids are not so Easy to Please , no Matter how much cash you throw at it, it's still puppets on strings eyebrow acting like Roger Moore"

( 11 )
Offending Angels (2000)

"Offending the Audience would have been more of an appropriate Title"
"A Tedious Plot with Painful Dialogue "

( 12 )
Casino Royale (1967)

"Spoof In Mind, an Intoxicated Walrus dressed in a Tuxedo, would have been a more convincing James Bond, than poor old David Niven"

( 13 )
Fat Slags (2004)

"Vile Viz Magazine Spin-Off that's not even funny by Accident"
"A Good British Director (Ed Bye) fails Miserably"

( 14 )
Nine Lives (2002)

"Just a School Play with adult teens instead of Kids."
"Paris Hilton Stars in this Horror-ibly amature made Movie"

( 15 )
Jubilee (1978)

"A Lot of Rubbish was Churned out by the Movie industry after many Jumped on the 70's Punk Bandwagon"
"This was one of Many"

( 16 )
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith (1999)

"A Middle aged Englishman Becomes a Disco Deaver With Psychic and Telekinetic powers"
"What were they Thinking of"

( 17 )
St.Trinian's (2007)

"Fails to Make The Audience Care about Its Characters"."Shallow minded British Female Teens on tap, oh and Russel Brand"
"Another British Remake fails Short of it's Classic Benchmark set long ago"

( 18 )
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

"Reasonable Attempt to Big Screen a TV Gem, But fails To Make the Audience Warm to it's Characters"
"Die Hard Fans of the Movie's Roots are Literally not Amused"

( 19 )
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

"Despite Telly Savalas being the perfect Blofeld, this Movie is ultimately spoilt by the Uncharismatic and Wooden George Lazenby "

( 20 )
Die Another Day (2002)

"Brosnan Finishes on a Low Note, Partialy Due to a Dislocated Bond Style, and Script"
"The Whole Movie Lacks a Little Originality and feels a Bit Recycled"

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