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Top 100 Rankings 61-80
Worst British Movies
Compiled using a simple vote for vote basis.

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( 61 )
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1940)

"This Murder Mystery Set in the Old Higbury Football Stadium",
"may be an Interesting and Nostalgic tale for Todays Gooner, But Hitchcock it Aint"

( 62 )
Long Time Dead (2002)

"Good to See the British Having a go at a Horror Flick,"
"But not With a Bunch of Lame Teens, Screaming on cue like Someone was Pushing the Electric Shock Button at Random"

( 63 )
Horror Hospital (1973)

"70's B Movie Horror that Reminds us just how Bad Films were back then"
"The Current Tarrantino Mindset meets the NHS"

( 64 )
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

"The Bridget Jones Accident Prone, foot in mouth Character is Milked dry"
"Overrated, Overhyped and over here, sequels are usualy up against it, but this one makes being worse than it's Prequel an art"

( 65 )
Privates on Parade(1982)

"It Aint Half Hot Mum esque Calamity"
"Fails to utilize the Talented Cast of the day"

( 66 )
The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

"A Young Hugh Grant in a Horror B Movie Stinker"
"The Plot is an Original yet Risky idea, but does not manage to pull it off"

( 67 )
Buddy's Song (1991)

"Roger Daltrey and Chesney Hawkes Draw the Cinema-goers but they are let down"
"with painfully bad acting, and an equaly poor script"

( 68 )
Crossing Bridges (2005)

"British Uninspiring Low Budget Drama"
"Here, take this camcorder and be creative and a little different-Enough said"

( 69 )
Blow Dry (2001)

"Hairdressing Drama blow out"
"A touch weird and somewhat tricky to follow the complex storyline"

( 70 )
Five Children and It (2004)

"Annoyingly dissimilar to the book"
"Eddie Izzard Saves yet another Movie from complete extinction"

( 71 )
Lighthouse (2000)

"Uninsiring British Chiller"
"cliched and Predictable"

( 72 )
Death Train (1993)

Patrick Stewart, Pierce Brosnan and Christopher Lee Star in this Lame British Action Thriller
"Some good action sequences, but overall it is unpolished"

( 73 )
Devil Girl from Mars (1954)

Healthy Earth Males are needed to Re-populate Mars!
"They did try hard to Produce some special effects, but inevitably it looks like something you could make by copying it off a Space themed episode of Blue Peter"

( 74 )
The Martins (2001)

"Lee Evans and kathy Burke are Great, but the Plot and Script is a let down",
"A disfunctional family headed by Lee Evans Should have been a lot better.Some good British comic talent is not Exploited"

( 75 )
Tank Malling (1989)

"Not one Ray Winstone likes to talk about"
"Seedy, crude and Fails to warm the Audience to it's Characters"

( 76 )
Straightheads (2007)

"Danny Dyer Horror Thriller that builds nicely, but then erratically falls apart"
"Unless you are Speilberg or Tarrantino or Whoever, stick with the Basics when making a Movie, introduce the characters, build the story and then the climax. This Film fails to do any of that"

( 77 )
Killer's Moon (1978)

"Cheesey 70's Cult Horror B Movie".
"Hideously bad acting and Unconvincing Victims"

( 78 )
The Secret Agent (1996)

"Hoskins, Depardieu, Broadbent, Christian bale and Eddie Izzard dissapoint"
"Phoney accents and below par performances"

( 79 )
What a Girl Wants (2003)

"Colin Firth holds an average Movie together",
"A flat and unamusing Chick flick".

( 80 )
Dead Babies (2000)

"Dead Babies aka Mood Swingers is boring and Pretentious"
"Too much shock value and not enough substance"

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