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Top 100 Rankings 81-100
Worst British Movies
Compiled using a simple vote for vote basis.

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( 81 )
The Criminal (1999)

"Barely Watchable British Crime Caper"
"All in all an Unoriginal plot and comes accross as an amature made production"

( 82 )
The Full Monty (1997)

"A Classic film you either love or hate, so will always appear in the Best and Worst British Film charts"
"Extremely overrated, for Gods sake get em on"

( 83 )
Large (2001)

"Possibly the worst film of its kind, ever"
"Perhaps excusable for being a Film Four production, but this movie still fails at every level"

( 84 )
The All Together (2007)

"Another Film Danny Dyer wished he had turned down"
"This is the kind of film where if you watched it at home, you would start thinking that the ceiling needs a paint after about 10 minutes"

( 85 )
Night of the Big Heat (1967)

"Peter Cushing and Christopher lee in British sci-fi at its worst"
"Clumsy cheap and nasty"

( 86 )
I Want Candy (2007)

"Nothing original here at all, a bit of a 'Girl Next Door' rip off"
"Mildly amusing Movie which is essentialy the problem, considering that the film was billed as a Comedy"

( 87 )
Come Play with Me (1977)

"Typical British sex comedy of the era, just awful"
"This movie pushed the Censors patience to the limit, but by todays standards it would be suitable to watch on Cbeebies"

( 88 )
Billy Elliot (2000)

"A scrawny Kid from a maladjusted family, is a closet tap dancer, whatever happened to Ritilin "
"This film was a massive hit, but I can't say I was comfortable watching it. Very overhyped"

( 89 )
Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

"Who wants to cook Aloo Gobi when you can bend a ball like David Beckham"
"Politicaly Correct Teen Garbage, girls playing football-I ask you!"

( 90 )
Inseminoid (1981)

"An embarrasing rip off of the Classic Movie 'Alien"
"Pathetic Victims being dispatched with ease, and lots rolling around on the floor. Several actors are left ashamed"

( 91 )
Layer Cake (2004)

"Overrated Daniel Craig Brit Gangtser Movie"
"Not on Par with Snatch and Lock Stock"

( 92 )
Suffer, Little Children (1983)

"Contender for Worst British Horror ever
"Poor quality production that would be an insult to the shelves in a Pound shop"

( 93 )
The Parole Officer (2001)

"Unless you are a big fan of Steve Coogan then this movie is watchable at best"
"Lame dull and not funny"

( 94 )
Adulthood (2008)

"Kidulthood sequel with even More hoodies, but this time their older",
"When will we stop making these kind of films, when all they do is make being an antisocial, violent and irritating youth, cool"

( 95 )
Dungeons & Dragons(2000)

"A below par Jeremy Irons stars in this dreadful fantasy movie"
"Outrageously bad dialogue, the script would have been better if it was written by a class of primary school kids"

( 96 )
Londinium (2001)

"Colin Firth, Stephen Fry and Jack Dee look uncomfortable in this Notting Hill style film flop"
"With one eye on cashing in on the Foreign audience for a trendy quaint old London flick, the film makers forgot to take care of business, a story for one thing and humour for another"

( 97 )
Everybody Loves Sunshine (1999)

"David Bowie and Goldie acting or a close approximation of acting in the same movie. Should have been better".
"There are too many of these hopeless Brit gangster movies. Its because it is easier to put together a crew of Mockneys to threaten and beat each other up, than it is to make a proper movie"

( 98 )
Crush (2001)

"No charisma, no plot and no hope of keeping an audience satisfied"
"Kind of gossiping story your annoying female workmate would tell you about, when you have about 15 seconds of lunch left and you would give your right leg to hear the end of it"

( 99 )
Biggles (1986)

"The Captain W.E Johns classic tale is not honoured",
"forty and fifty year old Brits are let down, but then again what pleasant childhood memory is not shattered in a movie adaptation".

( 100 )
The Evil of Frankenstein (1964)

"Hammer Studios made some crackers, but this was not one of them "
"Hammer recycling some old stuff, but at the same time veering off course with the storyline"

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