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Worst British Movies Top 100
Compiled using a simple vote for vote basis.

Click on Movie title for full IMDB movie info and reviews.
Short summaries by David Hambly (Co-Webmaster) and selected voters comments

( 21 )
Circus (2000)

"Doesn't take itself too Seriously, to the extent of its own detriment"
"Confusing, But Eddie Izzard's Participation Claws Back some of the Films Pride"

( 22 )
Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974)

"A Pimpled Adolescent gets His Leg Over a lot, but there is virtualy no Window Cleaning action at all "
"If This Movie was Made now it would be Called the Diary of an Optical Hygienist or Vision Technician, But it would still be a Pile of Festering Rubbish"

( 23 )
My Little Eye (2002)

"Big Brother Style Horror, Good Concept but the Plot falls away"
"Although a Low Budget Movie, it was Shot using Hidden style Cameras, which is Supposed to make the Scenes more Believable, but Frankly it does Not "

( 24 )
The Riddle (2007)

"Vinnie Jones Plays a Journalist
in this Mockney and Luvvie Crime Caper"
"It was so Good, that it was Free with the Mail on Sunday!"

( 25 )
The Haunted Airman (2006)

Drama about an Injured WW2 Airman's Nightmare Convalescance, based on a Dennis Wheatley novel.
"Boring, and does the Author no Justice at all"

( 26 )
The Saint (1997)

"Val Kilmer Puts in a Good Performance Playing Simon Templar",
"But he is Let Down by his Co-Stars and some Far Fetched Scenes."

( 27 )
Going Off Big Time (2000)

Liverpool Based Gangster Flick
"Wallpapered with Clichés, Irritating Accents and a Anticlimatic Ending."

( 28)
Guest House Paradiso (1999)

"Legends Rik and Ade play Eddie and Richie, in this Bottom meets Fawlty Towers Feauture Length Movie"
"Over the Top, Even for their Standards," However the Film does Contains some Superb scenes. "Sadly though, the Movie let's itself down when it gets Silly to the Extreme "

( 29 )
Naked Evil (1966)

"Even the Forgiving Element of the Passage of Time, can not Excuse this Shockingly Bad Movie"
"The Direction, Script, Cast, Plot, Dialogue, Acting, Editing, Production and Props are all Awful, Otherwise it could have been Ok!"

( 30 )
Never Say Never Again (1983)

"Most People's favourite Bond Sean Connery, has another go at 007"
"Good cast but the Movie feels Rushed and Poorly Conceived".
"Smacks of Fat Brown envelopes on Golf Courses"

( 31 )
Nora (2000)

Ewan Mcgregor Stars in this Period Drama set in Ireland.
"Bewildering and Boring, with an Overall Weak Storyline"

( 32 )
Nuns on the Run (1990)

Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle are Gangsters Dressed as Nuns to Evade Capture.
"The number of Scenes that are just not funny enough, outweigh the Classic it should have been"

( 33 )
Donkey Punch (2008)

Thriller with Chavs on a Yacht, misbehaving and Engaging in Crass carnal Pursuits
"More Uk Lottery Funded Tripe. One of the only films you will see, where you wish they would all die "

( 34 )
The Beach (2000)

Adventure with Leonardo DiCaprio, around his travels to Thailand
"Pretty backdrop but the Movie is Sluggish and badly relates to the Book it was based on"

( 35 )
Carry on Emmannuelle (1978)

Kenneth Williams and Suzanne Daniels Star in this Soft-porn satire.
"A Dismal Cynical attempt to Spice up and Milk the Carry on franchise"

( 36 )
Clockwise (1986)

"The usual Highly strung John Cleese struts his stuff, but this time without style"
"A reasonable sucsess in its day, but looking back now it is like your least favourite episode of Fawlty Towers meets Please Sir"

( 37 )
Vroom (1988)

Road Movie with a young Clive Owen.
"The Chevy Impala takes center stage, and after that, nothing"

( 38 )
Virtual Sexuality (1999)

"Virtual Reality Teen Nonsense"
"Ok if you are young, easily pleased and like the Charms of Laura Fraser, otherwise its the usual Teen drivel"

( 39 )
Stoned (2005)

"Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones Biopic, that fails to meet expectations"
Stones Fans in their droves Pick holes in this one

( 40 )
Trauma (2004)

"Not a Classic on Colin Firth's CV"
"Pretentious, Frustrating, confusing and downright boring"

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